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Cabin Challenge –

Inspired by simplicity
A call for exploring the true meaning of life

As an architectural visualiser, my daily routine is surrounded by thoughts of progress like “building new horizons”, “building the future” and so on… Technology plays a key part on my routine as well – I depend on technology to be able to deliver the realism my clients expect from me. As an individual, my thoughts would take me somewhere else… away from my daily routine in order to remind me of who I am, what I am inspired by and what brings me joy. The result is then reflected into my work… and here I am, back to building new horizons, or the future, or whatever our Marketing experts want us to build… but adding a touch of humanity and sensibility to anything I intend to touch.

The CABINS challenge has brought me the perfect opportunity to work based on my own inspiration. During the brainstorming process I had the opportunity of reflecting upon special moments of my childhood where phones, WIFI connection and social media were slightly less relevant in our lives. The result is coming together to translate my true self: An individual who relies on technology to explore the true meaning of life.

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